Madison Beer has found a new hobby in gaming

Madison Beer is “enjoying” being a Twitch streamer.

The 24-year-old singer has recently signed up to do video game live streaming on the platform and explained that she feels like the title character of the classic Disney Channel series ‘Hannah Montana’ – which followed the adventures of Miley Cyrus as a schoolgirl who had a secret identity as a pop star – as she continues to make music but is unsure how the logistics of her new hobby will work when she is on tour.

Speaking during a live stream, she said: “I still make music, I have an album coming out in September but I’ve always been friends with people who are moreso in this world. My brother has had a setup since he was nine and I’ve never fully gotten into it but I’ve sat on the computer, played games and enjoyed it. It was something I wanted to try and as much as I love making music, it’s fun and I’ve only done two weeks of streams.