Madison Beer Opened Up About the Emotional Toll of Online Hate

“It’s so aggressive and seeing how heartless people can be is something I’ll never get used to.”

Madison Beer, la promesa del pop anglo que es figura en redes sociales — FMDOS

Madison Beer opened up to fans on Twitter about the emotional toll social media hate takes on her.

On March 4, Madison tweeted, “please think before you speak and be intentional with your words…….. please.” When fans reached out to ask what prompted her plea, Madison responded that she’s been the target of online bullying, and it was upsetting her.

MTV VMAs 2020: Most Naked Celebrity Fashion Looks | Us Weekly“tw // nah i jus opened tik tok for the first time in a bit & saw a video of myself and in the comments was being dragged so disgustingly…like saying i should kill myself n sh*t it’s just too much & seeing how some people conduct themselves on the internet makes me very sad,” she wrote. “It’s so aggressive and seeing how heartless people can be is something i’ll never get used to and i’ll always speak up because it should not be normalized to talk about people this way i’m sorry.”

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While Madison clarified that she will be OK, she encouraged her fans to be kind to people online because words can have consequences.

“Be mindful with what you say about people. life is too short to be so reckless with your words,” she continued.

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Many people assume hurtful comments won’t affect famous people or people with a lot of followers, but Madison’s tweets show that bullying can be damaging to anyone, regardless of their status. While Madison said the bullying made her sad but she’d ultimately be fine, you can never know someone’s mental state or what’s happening in their life. That’s why Madison said she decided to speak out about the hate she receives. She said she refuses to get used to being bullied just because she’s famous.

“People always say just ignore hate and don’t interact, but this is why i do,” she wrote. “i have a short time on this planet as we all do and i hope to impact it in some way or another. if one less person doesn’t press send on a hate comment, i’m good w that.”