“Silence Between Songs:” Another Madison Beer masterpiece

At 24 years old, singer Madison Beer has accomplished more and touched the hearts of more people than many will in their entire lives.

Madison Beer’s first cover was released in 2012 when she was just 12 years old. She became famous soon after, at just 13 years old, when Justin Bieber tweeted her cover of “At Last” by Etta James. Beer went on to write many singles until dropping an album in 2021 called “Life Support,” an instant hit for many. After a two year wait, Beer recently gifted her fans with another album on Sept. 15, “Silence Between Songs.”

During the two years in between Beer’s albums, she dropped five singles, which later became a part of “Silence Between Songs.” The release of the last two singles, “Home to Another One” and “Spinnin,” were the official teasers for her new album.

“Silence Between Songs” is truly a deep and emotional album. It goes through heartbreak, trauma, family relationships, mental health and growing up. Beer uses her strengths of harmonies, riffs and emotional tone to create something unique to herself. She also uses her lyrics and style of music to tie the whole album together.

The album opens up with the song “Spinnin.” It has an ethereal vibe and has many different elements of Beer’s voice included, making it sound very sophisticated. On a ‘Zach Sang Show’ interview, Beer said that she wrote the song during a very turbulent time in her life when she would have mental breakdowns almost every day. You can hear the way she translates her feelings into the song as she sings, “Did the world stop spinnin’? Nothin’ seems to change, I’m stuck at the beginnin’, and I’m in pain, Did the sun stop risin’? ‘Cause the sky’s so gray, Did the world stop spinnin’ today?” Later on in the album, the song “I Wonder” is the positive reflection of “Spinnin,” with a happier tone as Beer sings, “I wonder why, All of the clouds cleared from the sky, I wonder why, All of the tears dried from my eyes, I woke up happy, watched the sun rise.”

A huge part of this album is Beer’s openness about her relationship with her brother, Ryder. The song “Ryder” shows how Beer feels like she ruined her brother’s childhood since she became famous at a young age. Lyrics like “Our youth down the drain, And I take all of the blame” shows the regret and guilt Beer has held onto for years.

carousel image 0There is no shortages of songs about love, relationships and heartbreak on the album. The songs “Sweet Relief,” “Nothing Matters But You” and “Showed Me (How I Fell in Love With You)” all touch on the subject of love. With lyrics like “I don’t know how I survived, before I met you” and “You showed me how to do, Exactly what you do, How I fell in love with you,” Beer brings in her own personal experiences of love and translates her feeling into the songs.

On the other hand, songs like “Home To Another One,” “Dangerous,”“Reckless” and “King of Everything” bring attention to heartbreak, getting cheated on and failed relationships.